Welcome to our world of Autism


Autism in every child is different. One child with autism cannot be compared to another. One child may be more verbal then another. Another child may have more behavioral issues then the next child. One child may be more social than another. There is high functioning autism, moderate functioning autism, and low functioning autism. And sometimes, child may fall somewhere in between the different levels of autism. The skill settings of a child maybe very splintered. What I mean by splintered skill settings, is that one child may have a phenomenal understanding of math, but cannot socialize with their peers. Another child may have awesome socializing skills, but may function on a level of a five year old. There are so many examples I can provide of the difference of children with autism. They are not all the same, even though they have all have the same diagnosis of autism. It almost would be like trying to compare all fruits as being one type of fruit. Apples, bananas, and strawberries are all very much different, even though all three are fruits.

So this blog is about my daughter and her autism. This blog is also about our journey on the path of autism. I am a single mother of  almost preteen child. This blog will act as a diary regarding our experiences together and how autism impact our lives.

My daughter would be described as being moderate functioning on the autism spectrum. What this means is that my daughter is high functioning in some areas and lower functioning in other areas. She is somewhat verbal. This means she can make known her basic needs and wants. My daughter cannot carry on a full conversation. She can speak sentences, but they are only about six to seven words in length. She uses a lot of third party talk in her sentences. She also speaks in a Yoda like talk at times. I try to help her by modeling the correct form of speech and having her repeat it back. She can carry on what I would call mini conversations. As far as her academic work in school, she is about a year or two behind her current grade level. My daughter likes to be around other children and grown-ups. However, her socializing skills are not up to par for her age level. She will engage in pretend play, however it would be equal to a level of a much younger child. She also is fully potty trained during the day, but is not at night time. She will also need help with basic self-care skills like brushing in her hair , brushing her teeth, bathing and dressing. Although, she will choose what she wants to Wear.  she can dress herself and get her shoes on, but cannot tie her own shoes. She also needs help staying on task as far as day today routine. She requires full time supervision and cannot be left alone for more than maybe 5 minutes. She is very impulsive. She also have many behavioral issues. The behavioral issues are aggression, self injurious behaviors , and the tendency to be violent to others. She will hit, bite, pinch, grab, kick, and other negative behaviors.

But enough of her skill settings and negative behaviors, I do want to share some of her more positive traits. She can be very humorous at times. She will pretend that she is some animals, numbers, for some sort of cartoon character. She will also pretend people around her are of the same items. She likes music especially the cartoon show yo gabba gabba. She likes to read and being read to. She loves roller coasters and going on rides. She likes to show affection by rubbing her face on your hands. Sometimes she will be cuddly, but not very often. She likes going to the flea market and picking out watches. She loves to wear jewelry. She likes to learn and love going to school. She loves playing with her friend. She likes being outside and blowing bubbles. She enjoys her trips going to Wawa and picking out  cheese sticks. There is so much more I can tell about her, but that will have to wait for another blog entry.

In another blog entry, I will go into her earlier years and some of those experiences. I will also post about her day to day experiences. I just wanted to say welcome to ourworld, to our small
slice of what autism can be like.


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