Labor Day Weekend

I wish Keri and I could be off doing something exiting this weekend. But not so, instead We are at home. Keri has been throwinga massive amount of fits. They are over the silliest of reasons- She cannot have chips, after she had some, or she is getting mad because I will not allow her to go threw John’s stuff, go into his desk, play with my cell phone, take a rolling suitcase outside, go outside for 4 mintues by herself, allow her to carry a sharp knife around, buy her chips, ask her to take a nap. Let’s see what the other reasons are for her meltdowns, oh yes, I will not let her play with the “important” mail, she has to wait to paint a jewerly until it is dry, I will not let her paint the inside of the same jewelry box, She cannot remove the buttons to the remote, I will not give her ice cream because of her behavior, I will not let her push the kitchen table over.

John is camping with his daughter this weekend. I wish we could be there, BUT Keri would not do well. So we are are here at home. Yay for Fabulously fun meltdowns!



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