Triggers for Meltdowns

What are the known triggers that cause your child to go into meltdown mode?

For my daughter they are as listed :

1) Being told NO/ not getting her way
2) Having to wait
3) Daddy issues
4) When she is hungry
5) When she is tired
6) Doing homework/ handwriting
7) Change in routine
8) Being corrected

Then the other cause is internal and a complete mystery! There is no rythme or reason behind it. She can be happy one moment, then BOOM, the next moment she is having a meltdown! It comes from a non-logical place. The only way it can be explained is that she has a mood disorder, like Bipolar.

When she was in the hospital, the doctor said he felt like she has a mood disorder. He was heistant to give an official DX, because of her limited speech and the behaviors being hard to separate from the Autism.


And I am back…

I have not kept up with this blog … Why? Very simple, I have been busy with my daughter, her behaviors, John moving in, back to school and issues with that. Also work related issues and childcare issues which have been resolved. Just a lot of stress in the past 2 months … somethings had to go by the wayside. But now hoping things have settled down, I can actually post a bit more reguarly.