Medication merry-go-round and issues with her school

Here we go, here we go, here we go again On the merry go round of meds. Yesterday, Keri had her psychiatry appointment. We had discussed Keri’s behavior and if the current meds of abilify and depakote were working for her. Her behavior has really not improved. So it was decided to take her off of the depakote and put her on lithium. So now the next three days will be used to wean her off the depakote and introduce the lithium. After the three days are up, the lithium will be a dosage in the morning and before bed. Keri will also still beyond the abilify in the morning and in the PM.

Keri in the past two weeks has acted up in school, has tried kicking me while I have been driving, has slammed her grandfather’s hand in the door of a closet. She also has tried to scratch me and bite me when John has not been here. Keri listens to John better and does not get as aggressive with him.

Also her school is not following her BIP . It was revised at the end of September to include the start and end time of when Keri is sent to in school suspension. There have been four instances of non-compliance by the school regarding her BIP. The school also has not been following IEP. The work that Keri has been doing is subpar to what she did last year. They have not worked on double digit adding or subtraction. They have not worked on money until the start of October. Nor have they worked on time until this week. Her handwriting skills are hard for her, and they were supposed to introduce typing. They got a hold Neo 2 , but the teacher just gave it to the OT. There are no batteries or wires for this unit. The OT is using an alphasmart , but it is not being used in the classroom. There were also other concerns about the classroom and the teacher not being highly structured. I had a meeting on Monday with the school principal, her teacher, and the behavioral specialist. I had felt that the meeting went well, however I was proved wrong on Tuesday. When Keri came home from school, the daily report showed she went to in school suspension and there was no start or end time on the paperwork. So I was quite dismayed over this fact. This is a complete and utter disregard and a slap in the face by her teacher just a day after the meeting. I told her case manager for the sending district, is that this may not be the placement for her. So with that being said, I even had her doctor write a doctor’s notes stating that a behavioral log needed to be completed so the doctor could track her behavior as well. That this log needs to include the times and dates of any behavioral instances. So we shall see how it goes…


Fustration with finding GeneSight Testing


GeneSight Testing Info

Songs of praise are being sung about Genesight Psychotropic (More info on GeneSight Psychotropic testing) by Keri’s in home behavioral therapist and the family support work. This test is a DNA test- swap the inside of the cheek and send the test back.This test helps to figure out what is the best medicine to use, use with caution, or not to Use at all for antidepressants or antipsychotics.

The family support work had the test done on his son. He said it was the best thing he could have done. His son has ASD, and it has helped this child out. He even gave me the name of a doctor who does the testing … since I have been having trouble locating a doctor who does this test.

Keri is on Depakote (500 mg in the am, 250 in the afternoon, and 500 mg in the pm) and Abilify (10mg in the am and 10mg in the pm). Recently, the bloodwork done, showed the Depakote levels being too high in her system. The doctor lowered the afternoon dose from 500 mg to 250mg – in hopes that the levels will decrease. If the Depakote levels are still too high, then the doctor wants to play guessing games with new medications.

Playing guessing games with medications upsets me. Keri in the past 3 years has been on so many different Meds. Rather then playing guessing games … is it not much more logical to do this test and see what may be a better match to her DNA? (At least I think it is )

However, Keri’s psychiatrist does not provide this test nor does her pratice. The doctor who does do this testing does not accept my insurance. He is VERY expensive!!! My daughter’s insurance company (Horizon NJ BCBS- Medicare) has told me that if the doctor’s office calls and requests a “nonparticipation provider authorization form” to explain why they are the only who can treat my daughter, then it will be covered 100%.

Sound easy right? Hell NO!!! The doctor’s office refuses to call the insurance company and ask for this form. I called the insurance company back and explained what was going on. I asked if I paid out of pocket if I sent bill into the insurance company , if I could be reimbursed. I was told by a very mean woman “no, you will not be reimbursed because you went out of network and Knew it!”

WTF!?! If this is a neurodevelopmental doctor AND he is the the Only doctor that provides this test, then what other choice do I have?

Trust me, I called the company who makes this test and they provided me with the numbers of people who might provide this test. I am running into the same issue as the other doctor. I have called doctors on my own and they do not offer this test.

Between getting set up ABA and this -everything is a struggle when you are just trying your best as a parent to help your child!