Happy Monday


Happy Monday where there are early school dismissals, loss of working hours, and a blizzard warning!

Yay, it is Monday ūüėē

Keri will be homr around 1:30 and I will be done with work around 10:30.

Keri’s mission today is to clean her room. She decided last night at 1 am that it was time to do some light reading and have a snack.

Amoung the giggling and moans, I told het to go back to bed twice. Round 3 was taken care of by my boyfriend. He found Keri’s snack was indeed her book.

Yes, that is right, she was chewing on her book. So her room will be cleared out of any paper products latet today.

She started clonidine on Friday.  Not sure if it is Keri being Keri, or something from the meds.


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