Update on Keri

image Since there has been no new updates on Keri other then October, I figure this is a good time to do just that. In October,  Keri’s old out of district  (ood) placement, the teacher was doing very little to help or teach Keri. Between the one on one aide and the home school district seing the same concerns, Keri was placed in another OOD placement. A much better program and her teacher is a BCBA. However, Keri’s behaviors are about the same. She has a good days/moments and bad. I just never know what I am going to get with her. I recently had to cancel her birthday party. That may sound mean … but Keri has to “earn fun things”, and she did not earn her birthday party. I will not reward bad behavior, regardless of what caused her to at out. At some point in time, Keri has to realize certian behavior are not ok. Autism or no Autism, she has to learn acceptable behavior! Last Monday, Keri had off from school for MLK day. She had an eye appointment to check her eyes and pick out glasses. I had used a social story to explain what would happen at the office. I also explained that if glasses were needed, she would not take them home the same day. The exam part went fine as well as picking out the glasses. When it came time to measure her pupils and hand the glasses over, Keri lost it. She start crying and screaming so I escorted her out of the office. Once outside, she started to bite herself and scratch herself. She tried to break away from me and bite me as well. Keri then tried to run back towards the doctor’s office. I was able to get a hold of her and get her onto the car. Inside the car, Keri the proceeded to pull her hair ou and continue with the scratching. I got her home 20 mintues later and then she calmed down. On Tuesday, she acted up for her grandfather. He gets her on the school bus in the mornings. Keri was good for the first part of the morning. Then the grandfather decides to take her to Wawa like he does sometimes when she is good. He will let her pick out a little snack and he gets milk or a newspaper. Well, that morning, Keri broke away from her grandfather’s hand and starts running all around the store. She thinks its a game and funny – all the while laughing and running around. Then Keri goes behind the deli counter and her grandfather has to go back there to get her. He left the store with her and Keri did not get anything. On the ride home, Keri is throwing stuff at her grandfather WHILE he is driving. He was able to back to his house, but that is not safe for him or her!!!! I have had plenty of these moments with her in the past and going back several years. These two incidents back to back is what cause Keri to loose het birthday party. I will not have 20 people over to celebrate a fun event for a child who may not behave. Keri knoes exactly why she lost het birthday party. If Keri can maintain a certian level of behavior this week, then I will take her to build a bear and her uncle’s this weekend. If not, then she will loose those activities this weekend too. Right now she is at level zero … she has not been to a store last Tuesday. The only places she has gone is to school and her psychiatrist’s office. I did on Thursday have a meeting with her case manger and her therapists. We are pushing residential placement as her behaviors and elopement issues are a safety concern for her and those around her. It will take any where from 1 to 6 months to place Keri. She is 9 soon to be 10. Her behaviors have remained the same despite OOD placement, 6 hours of in home therapy, horseback riding therapy, and a slew of different medications being tried. In the past other therapies (both holistic and traditional) have been tried with dietry changes, and still no improvement in the behaviors. She is officially to strong for me to try to restrain when she needs it. Plus she has tried to hurt me with out being sad or mad. Keri was completely calm and tried to twist my arm earlier this month. I could barely get her hands off my arm. Then at her psychiatrist’s office, Keri started to throw toys and rip up game peices. I asked her to pick the items up, she refused and laughed. I tried to get her to sit in a chair and she kept getting up and dragging me to the ground … Keri is 9. She will be 10 soon. Keri weighs 110 pounds. She is nearly 5 foot tall. Keri is strong – stronger now then me. Keri is a danger to herself and those around her … It is time the hars decisons are made. It is time for Keri to be placed in residential. It is not an easy decison , but has to be done. She is only 9 and still a child – this is a parent’s hardest choice to make 😟:😦:😭


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