The Story Of The Beautiful Poobs :(


Keri every once in a while will say “My hand lines are beautiful.” Or she will say “My nose holes are beautiful.” Along the same lines of “My eyes are beautiful.”
Keri will say that naming different body parts.

She was sitting on the couch a few weeks ago doing this same thing. Except this time around, she says “My poobs are beautiful.”

Now I am half hearing her. I am in the kitchen doing dishes. Keri says it again so I come out of the kitchen to see what she wants.

This time she says it with more finesse “My poobs are beautiful.” All the while rubbing both her hands across her chest!

Ok, I get it this time … she is saying her boobs are beautiful! Yikes, I am panicking because boobs is a word not used in our house and the fact that she is rubbing her hands across her breasts. Keri is starting to develop a little, but how she is saying it is purely innocent.

So she named her breast “Poobs”. On occasion she will say “Poobs will magically grow”. Or say “My poobs are beautiful.”

I try not to encourage her, but wish me luck – she is starting puberty ūüė®


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