A Build-A-Bear Earned


Keri turned the big 10 yesterday!

She wanted to go to Build-A-Bear for her birtthday gift. Intially, Keri thought she lost the trip to Build-A-Bear becausr of her behavior 2 weeks ago. She lost her actual birthday party. But redeemed herself this past week with having good behavior and being on the new medicine  (clonidine).

We went to the mall with my boyfriend, his daughter April (7 years old & gets along well with Keri), and Sandra (my daughter’s BA). First, we went to Build-A-Bear. Keri and April made their bears.




Then Keri, Sandra, and I went into Aeropostle to let Keri pick out a few shirts from her grandfather. Also the store wad having a 70% sale. Keri was able to pick out 4 shirts.

Then we met my boyfriend and his daughter in the food court. From there, Keri and April had a pretzel. Then they rode on the carousel to end the birthday adventure.


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