Keri has been going to the same facility for about 3 years now to see a psychologist for medication management. Keri was officially  diagnosed with Autism in 2011 on her 6th birthday. (We knew the diagnosis beforehand through early intervention and child find at the age of 4. However, the school district could not give an “offical diagnosis”, but yet could place Keri into an Autism classroom -go figure!) In the fall of 2011, she was also diagnosised with ADHD.

In 2012, she was seen by a neurodelvepmental pediatrician at a different location of the same facility. There I was to follow up on Keri’s diagnosis of Autism one year later, as per the doctor who initially did the diagnosis. (Since we moved to a new state in 2011, we had to find a new neurodevelopmental pediatrician.) This visit was a complete was of time. The doctor spent all of 5 minutes with us. She asked why I made the appointment and I told her to follow up on Keri’s progress as per the previous doctor’s orders. The doctor said I was wasting her time, and that since Keri was being seen by a psychiatrist there was no point in seeing her. From that visit, I was leary about having Keri see any Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician.

However, I did set an appointment with a different Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician at the same location as her psychiatrist. Keri saw Dr. W this past Thursday. Which I will get into more detail  in a moment.

Either way, I have always been aware of my daughter’s diagnosises – Autism, ADHD, possible Mood Disorder-nos (from her hospitalization in 2014 – that Dr. B at the hospital was hesitant to diagnosis because of her Autism and limited speach),  and Expressive and receptive language disorder.

With that being said, regarding Keri’s appointment with Dr. W, overall the visit was good. This doctor spent nearly 2 hours with Keri. Dr. W ruled out dyslexia. She agreed with all of the prior diagnosises.

The one thing that disturbed me about the visit, is that Dr. W showed me the other diagnosises in the system. These extra diagnosises were NEVER discussed with me in the 3 years that Keri has gone to this facility!  Things that may have helped me to understand Keri’s behaviors better.

Intellectual Disability

More Information On Mild Intellectual Disability

This was from 2/2015 and I have never posted yet.


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