Tooth Fairy Horror Story

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It would have been a cute and funny story. Even a milestone moment in Keri’s conversation skills ….

But then the horror of the situation revealed itself!!!

Let’s first start at Saturday morning…

I get Keri up like any other weekend morning. I get her as soon as I hear her stirring in her room – the scripting, babbling, the pitter patter of her at play on a good day. That morning was a good morning upon waking. I sent her off into the bathroom to go potty and to take off her pull up. I went to find Keri something to wear. Once done with that, Keri received a quick bath. I got her dried off and dressed.

I went back to cleaning and having coffee. The previous night, John brought over some of his belongs. We are in the transitional stages of him moving in. The living room and dining area was a mess. It had to be cleaned before Keri’s BA came over.

During the time I was cleaning,  Keri was happy, prancing and dancing around the living room. She was excited and wanted to talk about the Tooth Fairy. Keri in her way of mini conversations,  was telling me:

“Tooth Fairy flys”
“Tooth Fairy lives in blue skies”
“Tooth Fairy has wings”
“Coins under pillow”

I was asking questions about the Tooth Fairy based on what Keri was telling me. When she gave me gave me one word answers, I would correct her with what sentence she should say.

I was excited to see that Keri understood what the tooth fairy was all about. It took Keri about 7 years to fully understand the idea of Santa Claus. I thought she was beginning to understand the meaning of the tooth fairy after all these years!

Before the BA arrived, I took Keri back into the bathroom to brush your teeth. I was shocked to find that two of her canine teeth were missing!! Her teeth were there Friday. The canine teeth were not lose in any way shape or form.  I have to help Keri brush her teeth on a daily basis. I would have known if her teeth were loose. In the past, Keri have come up to me and would tell me if her tooth was loose. Keri would also be seen playing with her loose tooth , as in pushing it around with her tongue or finger.

To my horror… Keri had decided between going to bed Friday night and Saturday morning , that she was going to pull out her own teeth !!! At first, Keri would not tell me why she removed her own teeth. I had told the BA what she had done. Keri also would not tell her therapist the reason why. So it remained a mystery for a few hours.

Later, Keri was once again talking about the tooth fairy and coins.

At that point , I sat her down and firmly told her that the Tooth Fairy does not visit little girls who remove teeth from their head that are not ready to come out. At that point, Keri started to cry. Apparently, as I was able to get it out of her, she thought by removing her teeth the tooth fairy would leave her money. Keri thought she would have enough money to buy herself a watch.

Now understand that Keri has an obsession with watches. She has over 30 different watches. Some given to her as gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Others she has earned for good behavior. Also she earn money by doing chores and her homework, so she can buy watches or cheese sticks.

It might be considered a funny story if she had not pulled 2 completely good teeth from her mouth. The canine teeth normally do not become loose until the age of 12 or 13. In this case, she is 9 and those teeth were not ready to coming out for another few years.